Yoga is my passion and I love to share that passion with you.

Give yourself the gift of yoga. Enjoy a sweet yet invigorating flow session. Rest your mind, sooth your soul and care for your body.

The yoga practice is intuitively mixed with sound baths, soothing neck massages and essential oils.

Flow Yoga every Tuesday

20.00 – 21.15 live or online from the Flower House Alexanderstraat 7


Vinyasa and Yin

Vinyasa Yoga is all about the connection between breath and movement to flow from one pose (asana) to the next. It is not about touching your toes, but what you learn on the way down.

Yin yoga stimulates the body deeply and at the same time it’s very soothing and relaxing. The poses are held between 3 – 5 minutes. The goal is not to gain strength but to stimulate the flow of energy in the connective tissue of the body.

Yoga in het Tropenmuseum - Aftermovie

AFTERMOVIE | Het is alweer bijna twee weken geleden, maar de zen van het event 'Yoga in het Tropenmuseum' is nog voelbaar. Bedankt voor jullie overweldigende belangstelling en wie weet tot de volgende keer! Mooie aftermovie: Docwerk

Geplaatst door Tropenmuseum op Dinsdag 11 april 2017


Enjoy yoga in the city center of Amsterdam

Ibiza, Italy or Bali are beautiful places to enjoy a yoga retreat. The Flower House uniquely offers the opportunity to enjoy a yoga retreat in the city center of Amsterdam.

Culture: Visit the world class museums like Rijksmusuem, Van Gogh and the Stedelijk Museum. Enjoy the best restaurants and cosy shopping streets.

Detox: During this 3 day yoga retreat you can (optionally) enjoy a detox treatment. This can be fruit and vegetable based and/or based on the dōTERRA Detoxification Program

Yoga: Two daily yoga classes Yin and Yang Vinyasa classes.


I love to share positive energy, to embrace the flow of life and live from the heart

After working in the Tech industry for 20 years, I decided to follow my heart and free up time in my life to share my medicine through ceremonies with plant medicine and my passion yoga. Yoga, with all it’s beautiful facets of the path of the 8 limbs of yoga, leading ultimately to Samadhi.

I have practiced yoga since 2002. Since the last 2014 I have been catapulted on the spiritual path, discovering plant medicine, shamanism, tantra and following Hopi teaching from my teacher Satya Henkes, Wisdom Singer and Grandmother Jeremie, Grandmother Medicine Song.

Now is the time to give back and share my medicine and help others to benefit from it.

What others say about Flower House Yoga

"Thanks to Nienke, I truly discovered yoga. Every week I look forward to her lovely class, which she gives with so much enthusiasm, warmth and attention! She is the best!"
Mayra Lindveld
"My first steps on the yoga mat were with Nienke, it felt like a warm bath. Gently being guided in child's-pose and with clear cues into downward facing dog. Yogi Nienke rocks your body & soul! Love & peace at the Flower House studio."
Fred van der Put
"Yoga with Nienke is a gift for body and soul. On top of a delicious practice and pleasant adjustments where necessary, she regularly has a nice, sweet surprise for us like massages or sound baths. She also shares philosophy or insights that fascinate her"
Gwen Eckhaus
"Yoga with Nienke at the Flower House is very personal and special, always a warm welcome and positive energy.❤️ Nienke gives an innovative twist to her class with a beautiful choice of music."
Geertje Smits